International Wedding & Event Planning Course $1500


 International Wedding and Event Planning Course (IWEP)

  • Proven in depth training course with graduates running businesses and employed in the wedding & event industry segments in overseas countries.
  • Comprehensive support material including contract templates, customer presentation material, business operations, marketing and management manuals.
    Addtional material covering legal requirements and cultural traditions.
  • 12 month correspondence course with ongoing support and mentoring available through WPAA. A short term offer for an online accounting system is offered with your course valued over $400.


Nine core units

1. Ceremonies and licenses

  • Working with the Celebrant
  • International wedding Rehearsals
  • International wedding Ceremonies
  • wedding Planner responsibilities
  • International marriage Licenses
  • Weddings Abroad
  • Desgning various templates
  • 2. International Wedding Etiquette
  • Wedding planning etiquette- Cultural differences
  • Modern verses traditional wedding etiquette
  • Roles and it's effect on culture 
  • Economic changes to etiquette

3.Marketing the wedding/event planning industry

  • Writing an editorial
  • Benefits of a hiring a wedding Planner
  • Capturing your audience
  • Working with your competitors
  • How to market your business-Different Countries
  • How to charge for your services
  • Business plan
  • Networking most effective way- Cultural Differences

4. Working with suppliers

  • Locating suppliers
  • Proposed Budget
  • Spreadsheet
  • Marketing strategies
  • Suppliers overcharging and the effects
  • How to find reliable suppliers

5.Planning a successful event

  • Rules for planning an event
  • Planning an event
  • Using your creativity
  • Working with a budget

6.Creating an event pack

  • Designing a business portfolio
  • Designing a business logo
  • Wedding brochures  
  • Event brochure
  • Creating packages  


  • Networking strategies
  • Crucial Steps in networking
  • Network hindrances

8. Attributes of a successful planner

  • identifying the attributes
  • Hindrances that will effect the business
  • Adapting to Cultural differences

9. Exploring your niche market

  • Do we need a niche market to succeed?
  • Identifyinhg your niche market
  • Researching your market- competitors

Then a choice of two of the listed elective

1.Practicum in managing an event

  • Planning an event
  • Industry experience and reporting
  • Backup plans

2.Website design

  • Choosing a business name
  • Logo design
  • Designing a website

3.Catering for wedding disasters

Solving problems as a Professional

  • Scenarios and overcoming





Assignment expectation       

Each unit has an assignment attached, which involves submitting a response to a possible scenario. Each assignment submitted needs to reach the minimum word count (provided with the assignment questions) and requires a reference list to identify the sources during research.

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